TN snowfall reaches a record-breaking 7… snowflakes.

13 Jan

I’m excited to announce that the monkey is off our backs here in middle Tennessee; we have officially experienced our first snowfall in Nashville. 

Because I am from a hometown that has been known to top the charts in recorded annual snowfall, when people started leaving the office early yesterday, I was understandably anxious.  This marks my first winter in Music City and I had no idea what to expect.  So, I left at 3:38 pm and made it home safely in record time—despite the first TN blizzard of 2012.  (I counted the number of flurries on one hand.  There were five.) 

On my commute to work this morning I counted two more flurries—that’s right. TWO!  (For those of you who do not excel at math, that brings the grand total to SEVEN.  Seven snowflakes!  Bring out the salt trucks and snowplows, this is a code red!  I repeat: CODE RED.) 

Now on to some business!  With the help of some sound advice from a friend (The Hack Novelist… ever heard of him?  If not, you should definitely check out his work:, I’ve decided to take a page from his book and add installments of Mirrors on Fridays, one chapter at a time (the suspense is half the fun, right?  I mean, who doesn’t like a little heightened anticipation?).  However, in celebration of my blog’s inception—and our recent snowfall—I’ve decided to give you two more chapters to help keep you warm this frigid January weekend.  (You: TWO MORE CHAPTERS! You’re the best! Me: ‘a thank you.)



One Response to “TN snowfall reaches a record-breaking 7… snowflakes.”

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