Standing Room Only

23 Jan

In an effort to keep you from falling into a mind-numbing trance, today’s post has absolutely nothing to do with writing, reading or the romance genre. I swear I’ll get back on topic with my next rant. Until then…

Last March I went to a concert at the House of Blues in Atlantic City. General admission tickets were standing room only (first-come, first-served). As an inherently patient person who needs to be in one of the front rows to enjoy any event, I willingly sat in line for four hours before the doors opened. Since then, I’ve been to countless other concerts at smaller venues where S.R.O. is the law of the land (one of the many advantages to living in Music City). Each time I learned something new from my fellow fans concerning concert etiquette–and what gets on my nerves.

And so, for your reading pleasure, I have taken those lessons and compiled a list of Do’s and Don’ts for avid concert-goers.

-go early and stay late. 
– make friends with the people around you. By the end of the event it will be necessary to establish a strong line of defense against those who feel the need to push forward.
-exchange contact information with other fans. I’ve already been to three concerts with random people I had met at previous shows.
-wear comfortable shoes (for SRO). You’re going to be on your feet the entire time. (If you feel the need—or you’re short—carry a spacious purse so you can stuff a cute pair of heels to throw on just before the main act comes onstage)

-apologize for throwing on heels just before the main act comes onstage. It’s not your fault those around you didn’t read this blog.
-wear a concert t-shirt from that show to that show. You don’t need to reiterate the fact that you’re there. We can see you… and you look obsessed.
-drink anything. If you have to use the facilities, you will lose your hard-earned spot near the stage. You didn’t wait in line for four hours for nothing, did you?
-bend down to pick up a stray guitar pick because you will get stomped on (crazed fans are vicious). The proper way to retrieve the plastic flake is to step on it and slide it close to you, careful to keep the souvenir beneath your shoe until the people around you stop looking for it.
-sing every line to every song at the top of your lungs. (If you do this there is a 70% chance that you are also in violation of #2)
-propose to the headliner via glittered signage. (However, if you simply must make your proposal known, don’t use the person’s first and last name on the sign. If you want to marry them you should at least be on a first-name basis. Also, don’t make your teenage boyfriend hold the sign while waiting in line unless you’re prepared to change your Facebook status to single at night’s end.)

Anything else that you think should be added to this list? Please share!


2 Responses to “Standing Room Only”

  1. Tammy Jones Thomas January 23, 2012 at 2:46 pm #

    I too have been to a couple concerts with people I met at a previous show and so glad I got to know them while I waited in line 4 hours. Alot of great advice here.

  2. Victoria January 24, 2012 at 8:47 pm #

    I believe that “Don’t act like you know the singer/band, unless you actually know them” should be added.

    haha ❤

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