Hazards of a Creative Mind

8 Feb

There is no denying that certain aspects of our own lives inevitably spill over into our writing.   Our sense of humor, certain traits we possess or events we’ve endured make their way into manuscripts and stories because it is comfortable to write about what we know.  This fact is a huge contributor to our defensive reactions when someone criticizes or rejects our work.  We take a critic’s words to heart and feel as though we are the ones being rejected.

But is the opposite also true?  Have our lives been irrevocably affected by our creative minds? 

Mine has been. 

This phenomenon is most apparent when I meet new people.  I form strong first impressions and subconsciously fill in the gaps of information they’ve provided, allowing my new acquaintances to have a complete background—very little of which is based on fact.  Those who enter my life are cast in roles built upon a foundation of fictional—and often inaccurate—backstories. 

Then I find myself disillusioned when people act out of character (even though their character was a figment of my imagination). 

Those who I had assumed would play a significant role in the chapters of my life become secondary characters that appear in passing—worth mentioning but not significant enough for an entire chapter dedicated to the individual. 

This realization makes me wonder in what role have I been cast and, more importantly, who have I left disillusioned?  

Oh, the hazards of a creative mind.

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