25.5 Hours with the Author

5 Mar

Today I wanted to give each of you a little peek inside of my life.  In an effort to keep from boring you too badly, I decided to choose a day when something actually happened…

Thursday, March 1, 2012

3:30 pm– I received final approval on my Kickstarter campaign.
3:35 pm– The naysayers that had taken up residence in my brain told me I was insane for thinking people would be willing to invest in my dream.
4:00 pm– Instead of starting my Kickstarter campaign on Friday as originally planned, I pressed “LAUNCH” in an effort to silence the nagging inner monologue that continued to harp on and on about how humiliating it would be if this endeavor didn’t pan out.
4:05 pm– Freak-out commenced.
4:10 pm– Facebook updated with Kickstarter information.
4:15 pm– I received my first pledge.
4:16-5:59 pm– I checked my phone continually for “Backer” updates from Kickstarter.
6:00 pm- My phone died.
6:15 pm- Met the roommate downtown for dinner.
7:00 pm– Tried to turn on my phone to check for updates… but to no avail.
7:30 pm– Urged my roommate onstage at Tootsie’s on Broadway to perform with a friend’s band (www.anthonyorio.com).
9:00 pm– Arrived back to the apartment in Hendersonville.
9:01 pm– Logged onto Facebook/Kickstarter to receive any updates.
9:05 pm– Charged my phone.
10:00 pm– Posted Chapter 11 of The Mirrors at Barnard Hall, along with information regarding my Kickstarter campaign.
11:00 pm– One stress-headache and two pain killers later, I fell into a dreamless sleep.

Friday, March 2, 2012

12:30 am– Someone pounded on the front door.
12:30:30 am– Panic ensued.
12:31 am– Realized that if the person at the door wanted to rob us, they were either the most polite criminal, the dumbest criminal, or not a criminal at all.
12:34 am– The Hendersonville Cop beating down my door informed me that my car had been hit while minding its own business in the parking lot.  (And by “hit,” he meant that the entire front end had been detached).
12:45 am– Surveyed the damage, realized there was nothing I could do at such an ungodly hour, and returned to my apartment.
1:00 am– Checked Kickstarter for an update.
6:00- 7:00 am– Alarm rang.  Pressed snooze an indeterminable number of times.  Eventually woke up, showered, and prepared for work.
7:05 am– Roommate drove me to the office.
7:30 am– 13-mile commute completed.
7:40- 10:00 am– Worked
10:01 am– My father called to tell me the weather map indicated that Nashville was in the “bull’s eye” of a string of severe storms and potential tornadoes. 
10:05 am– Called insurance company.
11:40 am– Went with one of my co-workers to hang signs promoting my Kickstarter campaign.
12:30 pm– Decided that, if I was going to die in a tornado, I should probably enjoy my lunch.  So I ordered a decadent golden brownie dessert topped with a healthy scoop of ice cream.
12:50 pm– Received an encouraging, baffling email from my editor (which i will discuss in more detail at a later date)
1:00 pm- Received a text from my roommate asking me how in the world my Kickstarter campaign was at $1,200 in less than twenty-four hours (A fact I am still trying to get my head around)
1:15 pm-2:30 pm– Received continuous Kickstarter updates from my co-workers, as though they were stats of the big game instead of a fundraiser.
2:40 pm– Hitched a ride home with a co-worker in an effort to avoid traveling during the increasingly treacherous weather.
3:15 pm- Realized that if a tornado did strike, I had been safer in my office than in my third-story apartment.
3:16-5:00 pm– Watched the progress of the storms on the news and checked Kickstarter whilst mulling over where the “safe place” was that everyone on TV kept talking about.
5:01 pm– Fell asleep on the couch.

I’d like to extend a HUGE “Thank you” to everyone who has backed my Kickstarter campaign.  We still have a way to go, but I’m confident that we will make it. 


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