Beyond Chapter 3

26 Mar

Most of you can probably relate to my overwhelming enthusiasm for new projects.  Anyone can write the first few glamorous chapters of a book.  I firmly believe that first-time authors, myself included, are fueled solely by the idea that they are writing the best book in the history of literature. 

Then, somewhere between chapters 3 and 4, focus and interest wanes.  For me, the problem is not that the story building in my mind is not interesting… if that was the case I wouldn’t have wasted my time in the first place.  It just seems like my brain has spent so much spare time playing out the initial events and conversations that the momentum stops when I’m required to conjure additional content.  

The more mundane bits between the introduction and climax, ones that lay the foundation for building drama, are some of the most important—and also require the most effort.  When you get past the initial high, you find yourself putting in considerably more effort than originally anticipated. 

I’d liken this phenomenon to a new relationship.  When a couple first meets there’s attraction and exhilaration; each person can revel in the newness and possibility.  After a while, the excitement fades and both individuals have to put forth more energy to keep the relationship going strong.

Recently, I’ve looked back at some of the books I’ve started; each of them dies around Chapter 3. 

This week I am making it my own personal goal to put my head down and start Chapter 4.


2 Responses to “Beyond Chapter 3”

  1. Peggy Isaacs March 26, 2012 at 9:29 am #

    Great analogy. I struggle with this, too. Working through it is tough, but I’m determined. Good luck on Chapter 4.

    • movingforeword March 26, 2012 at 9:41 am #

      Thanks, Peggy! Motivation is key; I found a little this weekend. Hopefully it will stick around until I finish the first draft. 🙂

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