KICKSTARTER: Across the Finish Line

31 Mar

In light of a successfully funded Kickstarter Campaign, I’d like to thank everyone who made a pledge to help me self-publish my book, The Mirrors at Barnard Hall, including:

Mark & Karen Hickman, Orva & Jack Mitter, Megan Panther, Victoria Engel, Jimmy Fyfe, Sarah Franklin, Miriam Sincell, Billy Block, Brandon Stein, Caitlin Pearson, Brenda Burner, Marie Phelan, Cary Graham, Katherine Browning, Lindsey Perry, Max Nunn, Debbie Raynovich, Tim Vincent, Marianne Unger, Rachel Sowell, Richard Perry, Darron McKnight, Tillie Lee, Megan, Kris and Emma Kitzmiller, Levi Brandenburg, Kim Johnson, Katie Sass, Donna Hauser, Shannon Wiley, Gay Forston & Libby Miller, Shar Hollingsworth, Cathie Burke, Angel Putman, Linda Bell, Doogie Smith, LaWanda Harvey, Natalie Finnell, Melissa Ellenburg, Jon Dodd, Chad Panther, Jacob Brown, Drew Williams, Matt Sincell, Adam Krise, Lee Sparrow, Jacob Blaze, Richmond Williams, Seleena Puffinburger, Kimberly, Cindy Stem, Abbey Smith, Eric Green, Blake Huber, Caitlin, Amy Umstot Cowgill, Adam Sisk & Danielle Hickman, Desiree Porcaro, Melissa Clark, Mary Lynn Bosley, Ardra Sharpless, Amy Tracey, Audrey McDermott, Tami Pearce, Emily Vetter, Joe Hammond, Susan Strawser, Pamela Hammond, Dallie Hickman, Sue Hershman, Brittany Adele Naylor, Kristine, Natalie Orio, Chasity Phillips, Logan, Katie Saltonstall, Amanda Heisey, Kathryn Hefner, Blakely Glotfelty, Megan Hayes, Jenny Druckenmiller, Jessica Meyers, Matthew Burner, Rebecca McRoberts Wells, Richie Dellinger, Rebekah Brown, Sabrina Davis, Sarah Quertermous, Christine Lee, Heidi Simpson, and David Magida.

I am humbled by the outpouring of support from my family, friends, co-workers, casual acquaintances and even complete strangers!  I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it a million times, this dream is coming true because of YOU!



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