Lyrically Challenged

23 Apr

Since moving to Nashville last July, I’ve had a number of opportunities to penetrate the [often unappreciated] underworld of songwriting.  I have been to numerous songwriter rounds and the Tin Pan South Songwriter’s festival; I’ve become friends with the writer of one of my favorite songs and I’ve been in the presence of some legends in the business.  Even though I live in a musically inclined city, surrounded extraordinarily talented individuals, songwriting remains part of the business that continually astounds me.

I have 70,000+ words to get my point across; songwriters have only a few lines—the bulk of which are repeated—to convey enough emotion to pull tears from audiences, incite passion between lovers or brew excitement for a night on the town. As a whole, it’s a thankless business where fans connect the songs to the artists; often forgetting to include the true poets whose lives are weaved into the fabric of the lyrics. 

The second novel I’m scrubbing and preparing for my editor’s more capable hands, entitled Flight Risk, takes place in Nashville.  I had to write two “songs” for the male lead, a musician.  Those phrases are the hardest section of writing I’ve completed since beginning the story—and they still aren’t very good.

Hopefully, some of my more talented friends will be able to assist me in perfecting the lyrics so they don’t make the reader’s ears bleed.


2 Responses to “Lyrically Challenged”

  1. Ardra April 23, 2012 at 10:45 am #

    This is precisely why I tend to be a fan of those singer/songwriter artists who put their all into each song!

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