A Different Point of View

30 Apr

Writers  tend to prefer a certain point of view in the books they compose.  For me, I enjoy reading stories written  in first-person because I feel as though I can get inside of the character’s head.  This perspective also allows for tension between characters that an omniscient narrator could quickly resolve.  As a result, I write in first-person.

When I was writing my story Semester of Thursdays, I had completed the first few drafts of the manuscript and realized that the male lead, Remington, begged for a story of his own.

He was a complex individual with a unique outlook on life; his odd reactions to main character the could not be explained from her POV.  So I decided to write a few chapters from his perspective.  The conversations were already scripted, the stage set; however, the details this character noticed and the inner-workings of his mind were more intricate than those of his female counterpart. 

The exercise produced a story that is equally as entertaining—if not more enjoyable than the original. 

So many conflicts in relationships occur because of a lack of communication.  In “Book 2” of Semester of Thursdays, the reader has the opportunity to read the story through the main character’s perspective then re-read the same story through the eyes of the male lead.  Sounds monotonous, right? 

Surprisingly, it isn’t the least bit repetitive. 

If you’re currently combatting a writing blockage, I encourage you to try this exercise.  Even if it doesn’t make it into the final version of your story, you will have the opportunity to get to know your secondary characters on an entirely new level.


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