To Do List

6 Jun

Every once in a while, I’m overwhelmed thinking of everything I have to do in the coming weeks.  Unfortunately, some of those tasks get sucked into the abyss of my mind, never to be heard from again.  To avoid forgetting, I’m composing a “TO DO” list for myself. 

In no particular order:

-Write a blog post
-Sign up for Six Sunday
-Harass my designer for the interior layout of my book
-Print and give layout to second editor for review
-Look over edited copy and make any final revisions before returning to designer
-Harass different designer for the final layout of my book’s cover (front, back & spine)
-Harass designer #1 for the final proof of the interior layout
-Send book to print
-Freak out
-Design and print posters for book signings/the big release
-Pack for Vacation
-See friends who are coming to town this week
-Schedule book signings
-Order printed copies & wait anxiously for arrival
-Freak out when they arrive

Okay…  I just realized that I need to stop worrying about what I have to do and just do it.


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