15 Sep

Anyone who knows me would agree that I’m a planner.  So it is no surprise that I have the next few months of my budding writing career organized.

I’m pleased to announce that my second book, Semester of Thursdays (a two-part novel), should be available digitally around Christmas time.  The print copy will follow along a month or so afterward.

Also, I will be releasing all of Book 1 on my blog, chapter-by-chapter each Friday, for readers to enjoy–or criticize–starting in late October.

Why would I do such a thing?  Basically, my decision to release Book 1 comes from a desire to allow my audience to test the waters before purchasing a copy.  That way, individuals will have the opportunity to see if they enjoy a story that is completely different from my first book, The Mirrors at Barnard Hall.

If it’s not for you I’ll be content in the knowledge that you sampled my work and you’ll be happy you didn’t waste $2.99 on some drivel your fifth-grader could have written.

Happy Reading, Writing, and Editing.




One Response to “Planner”

  1. Carrie Crain September 17, 2012 at 2:41 pm #

    Looking forward to reading.

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