Join the [Book] Club

2 Oct

I have some exciting news for you–so exciting that I can barely keep my fingers on the correct keys as I type this post!

My debut novel, The Mirrors at Barnard Hall, is in the running for Peanut Butter Finger’s October Book of the month!  What does this entail, you ask?  Well, each month, a book is chosen for PBF to review, and the members of her online book club do the same.  This is a fabulous opportunity for a new author like myself to gain some momentum on the exposure-front.

Currently, my book is in second place; there are two other fantastic choices in the pool.

If you have a few spare seconds, I’d appreciate it if you’d click on the link below to vote.  You don’t have to sign up for anything so it really is relatively painless.


In addition, PBF’s Online Book Club could be a great resource for you readers out there and a fun way to connect with fellow book lovers from across the globe.

It’s a long shot, but, if we don’t win October I’ll still be just as stoked for being chosen.



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