Meet the Characters: Meredith and Lena

19 Nov

As a much-needed writing exercise, I’ve decided to introduce you to some of the characters from my second novel, Semester of Thursdays.  Who do you connect with?



* * *


Meredith Westbrook, the main character, is a twenty-two year old  Mountain Ridge Alum from Frostburg, Maryland, who dropped out of Frostburg State to become the lead stylist and sole owner of a hair salon in Cumberland. She’s currently in a five-year relationship with her high-school sweetheart, Holden Brown, and she lives in College Gardens off Broadway Street with her best friend Lena Whyte.

Meredith is straight-laced, work-focused, responsible, and… boring.  Although she rarely drinks, she can be seen out on Thursdays nights in Frostburg with an empty beer bottle in-hand, accompanying (aka chaperoning & chauffeuring) her best friend.

* * *


Lena Whyte has been Meredith’s best friend since second grade.  She’s on the five-year plan at Frostburg State, studying to become an Elementary School teacher.  The story takes place on Thursdays–the most sociable night out in Frostburg–during Lena’s final semester in college.

Lena is promiscuous, dramatic, careless, gorgeous, and the impulse in Meredith’s life.  One fateful Thursday night, Lena meets a kindred soul named Alec, and the pair instantly connect.  The only problem is that Alec has a rude, broody best friend who insists on getting in the way of Lena’s wickedly pleasant plans.  In a rare moment of selfish brilliance, Lena introduces her own chaperone to Alec’s.

* * *

Stay tuned for more characters from Semester of Thursdays.  Remember, you can start reading Chapters from this novel for FREE via the “My Work” link!


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