Meet the Characters: Men of the Semester

21 Nov

Continuing the exercise from Monday, here’s a quick peek at the rest of the characters from my second novel, Semester of Thursdays, scheduled to be released next month!

Click HERE to start reading their story.

* * *


Remington Kover is every woman’s dream: he’s darkly attractive, wealthy, and a soon-to-be doctor with only one downfall: he’s perpetually angry. He’s been burned before by an unfaithful woman who has left him distrustful of the fairer sex.

When Remington meets Lena, he warns Alec to avoid her; a warning his best friend naively chooses to ignore.  To keep an eye on Alec, Remington agrees to accompany him on his Thursday-night excursions, which puts him directly in the path of equally broody–and unfortunately unavailable–Meredith Westbrook.

* * *


Alec is nearly as handsome as Remington, albeit a lighter, happier version of his broody counterpart.  His carefree outlook on life meshes well with the most infamous–and most beautiful–woman on Frostburg’s campus: Lena Whyte.  Despite his friend’s suggestion to forgo an affair with Lena, Alec jumps at the opportunity to be by her side, aware their “relationship” could be very short lived.

* * *

Holden Brown is a golden god among mere mortals… at least he was back at Mountain Ridge High School.  A former football star turned engineer, Holden is gainfully employed by CSX in sunny Jacksonville, Florida but still holding tight to the fraternity-lifestyle from his college years.  The long-distance between he and his girlfriend, Meredith Westbrook, has taken its toll on their five-year relationship, leaving both of them in relationship limbo.


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