27 Nov

In high school I was a yearbook photographer for 2.5 years.  Back in those days, we used 35MM cameras, black & white film, and dark rooms to capture, develop, and print our yearbook photos.  My senior year, Southern Garrett prepared to make the switch to digital photography.

At the time I was against the change.  My biggest grudge against digital cameras was that they eliminated the need for printed photographs.  The majority of my friends who owned digital cameras no longer printed their pictures for albums, they simply logged them away in forgotten files on hard drives and cd’s, which made for lousy sharing practices.

Reluctantly, I caved and purchased a digital camera (which has become my lifeblood), but promised myself that I would continue to have the quality photographs printed so that friends and family could enjoy them without a computer.

Today I must admit that I have become a traitor to traditional print mediums that have previously defined the written word and purchased a…. Kindle (DUM DA DUM!).

I have no clue if I will like this flat-screened doodad that poses as a book on steroids, but the convenience and cost-effectiveness has become worth the risk.

For those of you nay-sayers–whose ranks I have only just abandoned–here is my promise: when I purchase a book on my Kindle, and deem the story a worthy investment, I plan on continuing to support bookstores by purchasing the novel in print.

After all, my new home in Ireland has many bookshelves longing to be filled with something besides surplus copies of The Mirrors at Barnard Hall.



Do YOU own an e-reader?  If so, do you love/loathe it?  Do you refuse to buy an e-reader?  Why?


2 Responses to “Traitor”

  1. A.M.B. December 3, 2012 at 10:32 am #

    I’m one of those people who loves libraries and the smell and feel of traditionally printed books. I thought I would never make the switch to ebooks. Then my husband bought me a Kindle as a gift and my whole world changed. I love it. I read much more because books are less expensive and so easy to carry around with me.

    • movingforeword December 5, 2012 at 6:57 am #

      I’m the very same as you, A.M.B.! I have a feeling my reading will explode when my Kindle comes in! 🙂

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