NOW AVAILABLE: Semester of Thursdays

21 Dec

Today’s chapter marks the halfway point of Book #1 in Semester of Thursdays!

In publishing news: To celebrate the holidays, Semester of Thursdays is NOW AVAILABLE for only $2.99 on Kindle and/or Smashwords!

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Cover 1

* * *


“How was your night?”  I asked, more curious than I would admit aloud.  For all of my complaining about Lena dragging me out on Thursdays I was sorry I had missed out on the night.

“It was mildly entertaining.”

“Only mildly?”


I waited for all the seedy details.  When she looked like she was going to speak again I found myself leaning forward in my chair.

“Sometimes I surprise myself.”

“What do you mean?”

“I know people think I’m some sort of out-of-control hussy who sleeps with everyone.”

“That’s not entirely true,” I offered.  Of course I could only speak for myself.

She shrugged, indifferent.  “What can I say?  I’m fickle.”

A snort slipped out before I had time to stifle the rude noise.  “Congratulations, Lena.  You have just made the understatement of the century.”

“Okay then.  What would you call it?” she challenged.

Was it possible to describe my best friend without sounding callous or spiteful?

“I would tell you but my mother would be appalled at the words I’d be forced to use.”

She grinned, impishly.  “Anyway, I’d agree with people’s opinions most of the time.  Then, out of nowhere I surprise myself.”

“Do you know how many men I could have gone home with last night?”

Yes, I did.  It would include the entire male population at every Frostburg bar within a five-mile radius.

“I don’t think I learned to count that high.”

“Funny, Mer.  Regardless, the point is that I didn’t.  I had no desire to.” Her voice was softer now, thoughtful.  She sounded in awe of this revelation.

“Why do you think that is?”  I had a vague theory building.

“No tequila?”

“Smart choice.  Common occurrence?”  In the past a tequila-riddled night ultimately ended with an accident.

Lena pondered the question for enough time to make me believe her response.  “Could become a habit.”

“I wonder…”


“Could this change in behavior be more than the result of a low blood alcohol level?”

“Where are you going with this, Mer?” She scowled at me, predicting my theory.

“Could it be a who?”

Lena considered my question seriously as though the thought hadn’t even crossed her mind.  And it probably hadn’t.  She wasn’t the kind of woman easily swayed by another human being.  The idea that she could change—would be willing to change—for someone else would be foreign to her.

She left my question unanswered and moved to the next subject.

“Someone asked about you last night.”

My heart thumped against my t-shirt.  I decided to ask the question even though I already had a good idea the name of the person she was referring to.  But why would Remington have asked about me?


Lena’s answer mattered more than it should have.  “Remington.”

His name, the confirmation it represented, sent shivers down my spine.  The last time I had spoken to Alec’s best friend he had left before our conversation could lead anywhere concrete.  Oh wait, that had happened every week.

“Remington asked about me?” I repeated what I thought she had said.


“What did he say?”

“He just asked where my babysitter was.  Thanks for that, by the way.”

“It was probably because he couldn’t remember my name,” I explained.

She chewed her lip as she mentally replayed her conversation with the stunning man.  Her silence was infuriating.

“Lena,” I prompted.

“No, I don’t think that was why.”

“You’re not going to convince me otherwise,” I said stubbornly, crossing my arms against an odd, unwelcome feeling building in my chest.

“Okay.”  Lena moved to leave the room, but I stopped her.  Had that been the extent of their conversation?

“Did he say anything else?”  Had his face given anything away?  Had he been friendly for once or was he still the rude man from a few weeks earlier?  Had he smiled?

Lena raised her eyebrow but let my eagerness slide.  “Not really. He left soon after, said he had a test in the morning or something.  Although…”

She was baiting me.  What’s worse was that biting was inevitable.

“Although what?”

“He did look awfully lonely sitting at your table all by himself.”

“I don’t care.”  Had I said that aloud to convince my friend or myself?  “He doesn’t like me anyway.”

“He likes you more than the other girls last night.”

So much for feigning indifference, Meredith.  “Why?  What happened?”

“Some girl walked up to him with a drink in her hand, one she had bought for him.  He just stared blankly at her until she ran away.”

Poor girl.  Even now I could picture the disdain that would have tainted his stare.  I almost laughed… almost.  I must be stronger than the nameless girl; Remington had been the one to run from me.

“He didn’t say a word or even try to be cordial.”

“So basically nothing has changed.”

“Nope.  And she wasn’t the only one he’d had to fend off.  Women were swarming over him like ants on candy.  Alec thought it was hilarious.  So, anyway, Remington must really like you.”

I highly doubted that.  Remington didn’t try to be cordial to me either, not really.

When I didn’t say anything she continued.  “You’re the only one he will talk to besides Alec and me.  And he’s only said a total of three words to me.”

“He hasn’t said much more to me.”


“There’s more isn’t there?”  What wasn’t she telling me?


“You’re a horrible liar.”

“Remington is just too much work.”  She shook her head with a thoughtful smile.

“I’ve never heard you turn away from a challenge.”  Would she get bored with her easy victory, change her mind, and decide to pursue Alec’s best friend?

I studied her with an unnatural intensity, waiting for some change in her demeanor.  She only shrugged and returned to her room, still seemingly indifferent, leaving me alone with my errant thoughts.

 * * *

It’s hard to believe next week’s chapter will be after Christmas… where as 2012 gone!?


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