Growing Complacent

9 Jan

2118434Yesterday my sister asked me what my plans were for future works: would I continue to self-publish or would I query agents with renewed vigor and attempt to move down the more conventional path to publishing?  Her question caught me off-guard; since I had successfully self-published my first book, the steps for book #2 and #3 seemed predetermined.  However, now that the question has been posed, I had to seriously consider what I would like to do for Book #4 (still a very rough WIP).

It was tough to determine whether or not my passion for self-publishing has grown into complacency with the ease I have found in the process OR if it deals more with keeping total creative control over the final product.  To be honest, I believe it is a bit of both.  Handling this two-pronged issue requires a two-pronged solution: I plan on querying agents in an attempt to procure one for the next book and, if that path leads to a dead end, I will simply continue with self-publishing in order to get the stories in the public eye.

I would love to hear from other self-published authors to hear their plans: is self-publishing still in your future OR are you sick of the self-reliance and searching for a more traditional route?


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