Happy Anniversary

9 Feb

Today is the anniversary of Moving-Foreword.com… the one-year and one-month anniversary to be exact.  To celebrate, here’s a throwback to my very first blog post!


Write Something

It is 10:00 pm and I have liberated my reluctant body from a plush pillow-top mattress in order to accomplish a goal: Create a blog by December 28th.

During the course of my ten-hour drive from the hills of West Virginia (go ‘eers!) back to Tennessee this morning/afternoon/evening, I was able to take the first step toward the aforementioned goal:

  1.  Come up with a [self-proclaimed] witty address where my blog will reside.  Welcome to www.moving-foreword.com

The second logical, albeit more intimidating, step is:

  1.  Write something worth reading.

Step 1 took only a few hours of brainstorming—and one 24oz sugar-free iced caramel latte (which I had stolen from my sister)—to complete.  The remainder of my journey was spent stewing over which topic buzzing through my mind was worthy of taking my blogging virginity.  Finally, after multiple inner-debates threatened to pull my concentration from bottlenecking post-holiday traffic, I reminded myself that I had two more days to complete Step 2 and needed put the entire thing out of my head.

Obviously, that brief reprieve did not last very long.  This time, instead of wondering what I was going to write about, I began subconsciously whining about the subjectivity of blogging and justifying my atypical bout with procrastination.  Sure, I could accomplish the first half of Step 2 and write something.  However, the second half, worth reading, wasn’t actually up to me.

My 10:32 pm Epiphany: I can write something.

My followers, enthusiastic or reluctant, would become my lab rats.

Here goes nothing…

According to the dictionary, a Foreword is an introduction to a document.  What better way to introduce my blog, my work and myself than to tell you my darkest secret?

I write.

For over three years I’ve been holing up on my couch and penning stories that had been hatched inside of my head, begging for a means of escape.  I am unapologetically addicted to the ink of a gel pen gliding on a canvas of horizontal lines bound within a spiral notebook.  And now, with a lot of prodding by friends, family, coworkers, and one dream manager, I have been convinced that it is time for me to share my work and my journey forward—wherever it may lead—with the one or two of you still reading this blog.



* * *

Thanks for the continued support through comments, purchases, and words of wisdom!
Here’s to another fab year!


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