Back to the Couch

19 Feb

1580250Lately I have been feeling sick and totally unmotivated to write anything even though I have 23,000 words of a fairly promising WIP completed.  But today, despite hanging nausea, I decided to change all of that.  In an effort to create the most productive writing environment for myself and my ideas, I recreated the ambiance from my parent’s living room (where I wrote all of my books to date).  So, with the encroaching cushions thrown off the couch, giving me room to sprawl, a comfortable pillow and a notebook, I plugged in my headphones and wrote.

What flowed from my pen may not have been my best work, but it pieced together some of the holes left in my plot and came to me relatively easily.  At the end of the session I remembered why I love my “job.”


Happy reading and writing!



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