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Premature Resurrection

31 Jul

3475000It is hard to believe two whole months have passed since I’ve posted anything new on my blog.  Since the end of May, it appears as though the only visits to this site have been spam bots!  Ah, that’s what I get for leaving things go for so long.

The better part of the past two months I’ve been in America visiting my family and friends.  Since my return to Ireland I’ve been getting things ready for the baby due in only a few weeks.  Guilt has plagued me for leaving this well of words and ideas go dry.  However, as evidenced by my title, I feel as though I’ve prematurely resurrected this blog.  Something tells me that if I’m this distracted by decorating the nursery and cleaning my home NOW, then I’m going to be infinitely more distracted once the baby arrives and I can just stare at him in wonder–which means even fewer posts.  (I know what you’re thinking: Fewer posts than zero?  Not possible… So, how about LESS FREQUENT posts?  Perhaps only one every quarter? :))

Still, I couldn’t put my blog out of my mind today.

I’ve been thrilled by the enthusiastic reception “Flight Risk” has received from readers everywhere.  It seems as though my third book really was “the charm.”

People keep asking me what I’m working on next.  The truth is: I’m working on growing a baby!  It’s amazing how priorities shift.  Still, there’s a 3/4 “finished” manuscript beneath my bed.  If I can find the energy my goal is to finish the draft BEFORE baby’s arrival so the words have time to meld with the paper.  Then I can go through it with a fine-toothed comb and throw out the wretched ideas my “baby brain” forced me to write down.


Happy reading, writing, and… resurrecting.