Fire Claims Carriage House

In the early house of August 24, 1902, a destructive fire engulfed the carriage house at Barnard Hall and continued burning well until half past four o’clock.  Firemen were engaged, endeavoring to subdue the blaze.  An official inquiry as to the circumstances regarding the fire led authorities to believe that it was the result of arson.  The Daltons, including Nicholas I, Nicholas II, and Maria Dalton, had been locked into the carriage house before it was purposely set ablaze.  The three had sustained injuries following an assault before the fire.  Lord Smyth, his wife Lady Regina Smyth, and daughter Lady Emily Smyth, were taken into custody regarding the injuries sustained by the Dalton Family. 

Fire Claims Young Heiress

In the early hours of August 24, 2012, a fire engulfed the carriage house at Barnard Hall, claiming the life of its owner, Miss Callista Franklyn.  An investigation is underway regarding the fire, which was ruled as arson by investigators.  The fire comes on the one hundred and tenth anniversary of the first fire at Barnard Hall, which nearly claimed the lives of then-owners, the Daltons. 

Three of the four witnesses to the blaze sustained minor injuries while attempting to free the young woman.

Authorities are seeking anyone with information and ask them to please step forward.  An investigation is also currently underway regarding Miss Franklyn’s untimely death.  According to a source, this event marked the second attempt on the young heiress’s life.  Memorial services for Callista Franklyn have yet to be announced.


Franklyn Will Read

In her will, Miss Callista Franklyn, daughter of Robert Franklyn and Sylvia Franklyn Burns, and heiress to a fortune reportedly over 150 million dollars, has left almost everything to her long time housekeeper, Mrs. Rosa Santos.  There was reportedly one million dollars set aside for her maid, Amanda Hall of Chilham.  Miss Hall has worked at Barnard Hall for six months.

While Mrs. Santos has been employed at Barnard Hall since 1982, the head housekeeper is no stranger to tragedy.  In the summer of 1982, her daughter, Maria Santos, went missing from Barnard Hall and was never found. 

Upon release of the will, an investigation was conducted and Mrs. Santos was cleared of any responsibility regarding the death of her employer.



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